Organisation SNP

The partners in the National Parks are landowners (Federatie Particulier Grondbezit, Federation for private landowners), site managers (Staatsbosbeheer, the governmental organisation, managing the natural heritage in the Netherlands; Natuurmonumenten, the society for the preservation of nature in the Netherlands; provincial landscape trusts; municipalities; Ministry of Defence; private parties), various public bodies (national, provincial and local authorities, water boards, Rijkswaterstaat), educational (IVN, the organisation of nature and environmental education in the Netherlands) and recreational organisations (ANWB, the royal Dutch touring club, regional recreation boards) and local businesses.


Together, all these parties pursue a common mission: ‘to manage, protect and develop the park in a sustainable manner, to enable research and ensure public access.’ It is vital that the people who live in and around a National Park support the park and its objectives. The task of generating regional support is taken very seriously. More and more initiatives with private parties are coming off the ground and benefiting local economies.