Het Samenwerkingsverband National Parks (SNP) has released several publications that you (usually) can download or request to the Office SNP.


Photo Annual 2014 Education & Communication 18 National Parks

Here you find the Photo Annual 2014 IVN.


Annual Report 2013 Partnership National Parks

Here you find the Annual Report 2013 of the SNP


Adapting Regulation designating National Parks

After the decentralization of governance of Nature to the provinces, the scheme is adjusted in accordance with National Parks designation changed authorizations. The scheme (published in December 2012) Click here to download.
A supplementary regulations took place in October 2013. The supplement includes the expansion of National Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug


Report symposium National Parks and National Landscapes

On June 13, 2012 about a hundred representatives of the National Parks and the National Landscapes tried to find an answer to the question: How can the National Parks and National Landscapes in the Netherlands join forces and capitalize on their economic value without affecting the individual qualities.
See further the report of this meeting.


Results of the Manifesto Nature Quality Impulse National Parks

In late November 2011, the SNP brochure Results Manifesto Nature Quality Impulse published. This brochure contains descriptions of successful projects in five national parks. Brochure


ANWB Walking Atlas National Parks

Each national park has been mapped at 1: 25,000. The cards are removable. The mapped walks offer an excellent opportunity to experience while walking the particular nature of the national parks.
ANWB Wandelgids National Parks can be ordered through bookstores and ANWB shops (ISBN978-90-18-03275-3)


Valuable nature earn money

In January 2011, the publication appeared "Valuable nature deserves its own money, recruitment of private income through the national parks.
See brochure


SNP flyer

To raise awareness of the National Parks of the Dutch population is the SNP flyer in January 2011 published.
Document SNP flyer


Brochure National Parks in the Netherlands

The brochure National Parks in the Netherlands, discover the twenty cards of Dutch nature, published in January 2010.
The brochure was published in English in August 2010. See publication National Parks in the Netherlands
The German version is only to read and download the SNP site See publication National Parks in the Niederlanden


Origins National Parks

This is a brochure about the history and development of the National Parks. You can download the brochure or order while stocks last at Office SNP. This brochure is only available in Dutch.